CANHEIT 2023 took place at the University of Toronto’s St. George campus located in the heart of downtown Toronto, with an option to attend virtually.

Bahen Centre for Information Technology

Bahen Centre for Information Technology
40 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario

Hart House

Hart House
7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, Ontario

Howard Ferguson Dining Hall

Howard Ferguson Dining Hall
75 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario

Isabel Bader Theatre

Isabel Bader Theatre
93 Charles Street West, Toronto, Ontario

The Carlu
444 Yonge Street, 7th floor, Toronto, Ontario

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Public transit

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) provides subway, bus and streetcar service around the St. George campus.

The subway stations closest to the campus are Spadina, St. George, Museum and Queen’s Park. Streetcars and buses run along Bloor Street, Spadina Avenue, Harbord Street, College Street, Queen’s Park Crescent, Wellesley Street and Bay Street. For all routes, refer to the TTC routes and schedules listing.

GO Transit offers bus and train service from the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area to downtown Toronto. The downtown train station is located at Union Station on Front Street and the bus terminal is located at 81 Bay Street, south of Front Street.

VIA Rail offers train service to and from Union Station.

Union Pearson (UP) Express offers train service to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport to Union Station.

CAUBO members can receive discounts for VIA Rail and Up Express.


There are many public parking lots near the St. George campus. For maps, information about parking locations and pricing, refer to:

Please note that parking may not be available at all lots as convocation will be taking place at the St. George campus during CANHEIT 2023.

Platinum sponsors may claim a complimentary parking pass. One pass is available per sponsor per day. Platinum sponsors will need to claim a separate parking pass for each day they plan to park at U of T.

To claim your pass:

  1. Visit Transportation Services (
  2. Select conference as the event type and CANHEIT Conference 2023 as the event
  3. Enter the voucher code: PLATINUM SPONSOR CANHEIT 2023

Where to park

Parking will be available in specific lots during the conference. Please note which lot to park in for the dates below. We anticipate a very high volume of guest parking for convocation, so please arrive early to ensure access.

Parking on June 18, 19 and 21

On June 18, 19 and 21 parking will be located at lot C, 213 Huron Street. Lot C is under the Bahen Centre for Information Technology and has elevator access to the building.

When you arrive on June 18, a parking officer will direct you to your designated spot. Your parking spot will be blocked off with cones on June 19 and 21.

Parking on June 20

Due to convocation, on June 20 parking will be located at lot P, 107 St. George Street. Lot P has a gated entry/exit system and requires a QR code to scan in and out of the garage. The QR code will be sent via email when you claim your pass online.

There is no need to display anything on the vehicle when parking.

Smoke-free policy

U of T is a smoke-free campus.


1. Is CANHEIT an internal University of Toronto IT conference, like IT@UofT (formerly known as TKF)?2023-02-28T15:13:53-05:00

No, CANHEIT is a national IT conference presented by CUCCIO (the Canadian University Council of CIOs) and the University of Toronto this year. The conference is external and open to IT professionals from across the post-secondary sector. Every year, CANHEIT is hosted by CUCCIO and a different higher education institution in Canada.

2. What platform will the hybrid component of the conference be hosted on?2023-05-18T11:11:00-04:00

The hybrid component of the conference will be hosted on Hopin. Learn about the attendee experience on Hopin.

3. How much does it cost to attend CANHEIT 2023?2023-05-18T11:13:40-04:00
  • Virtual-only access pass: $149
  • In-person/hybrid access pass (sold out): $499
4. Which sessions will be available virtually?2023-05-18T11:10:38-04:00

Opening and closing remarks, keynote sessions, approximately 11 featured breakout sessions, and virtual networking opportunities will be available to those attending virtually via Hopin. Hybrid sessions will be tagged as both in-person and virtual in the Hopin schedule.

Full schedule details are available on the Hopin registration page under the program tab.

5. Will there be networking opportunities?2023-06-01T11:41:00-04:00

Yes, there will be networking opportunities for those attending in person and via Hopin.

Visit the social events page for more information about in-person networking opportunities.

Those attending both in-person and virtually will have the option to use Hopin’s networking feature, which facilitates randomized one-on-one virtual meetings with other attendees. Hopin attendees also have the option to schedule meetings with specific people they would like to connect with.

6. I am attending the conference virtually. How can I have the best experience on Hopin?2023-05-10T10:28:25-04:00
  • Shut down/close all other applications that use audio or video before using Hopin (i.e., Microsoft Teams, Zoom, YouTube).
  • Disable any VPN.
  • Join Hopin on your desktop or laptop. Avoid using mobile devices, iPads or tablets to attend sessions as Hopin has limited features and is not accessible on these devices.
  • Use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox to access Hopin.
  • If you encounter audio/video issues, follow these troubleshooting tips or contact our team at the virtual help desk in Hopin.
7. Do I have to select the specific sessions I would like to attend?2023-05-10T10:28:35-04:00

No, selecting sessions is an optional Hopin feature available to attendees who would like to build a personalized conference agenda for their convenience.

8. When will I be able to select sessions and build my personalized conference agenda?2023-05-18T11:08:46-04:00

Registered attendees will receive an email when it’s time to select the sessions they would like to attend. Both in-person and virtual attendees have the option to build and manage a personalized agenda in Hopin. Learn more about managing your agenda.

9. How do I build my personalized agenda in Hopin?2023-05-10T10:28:55-04:00

Registered attendees will receive an email when it’s time to select the sessions they would like to attend. If you would like to build a personalized agenda:

  1. Enter the event using the link you received when you registered.
  2. On the reception tab, scroll down to the schedule to view the sessions.
  3. Click on the bookmark icon at the right of each session you would like to add to your agenda. Hybrid sessions will be tagged as both in-person and virtual in the Hopin schedule. If you do not see a virtual tag for a session, that means the session is only available to in-person attendees.

Learn more about managing your agenda.

10. Does Hopin have closed captions?2023-05-10T10:29:04-04:00

Yes, closed captions can be turned on and off as needed. Captions are only available on the desktop version of Hopin. Learn more about using closed captions.

11. Where can I download the Hopin mobile app?2023-05-25T13:48:44-04:00

Download the Hopin app from Google Play or the App Store.

When you open the mobile app, you will be asked to login to your Hopin account by entering the email you used to register for CANHEIT and the password associated with that Hopin account.

If you forgot your Hopin password, follow these instructions to reset it.

12. What’s the difference between using Hopin on mobile versus desktop?2023-06-01T11:44:45-04:00

If you are attending CANHEIT virtually, we recommend accessing Hopin on your desktop/laptop so that you have access to all Hopin features, such as virtual networking and closed captions.

If you are attending CANHEIT in person, we recommend using the Hopin mobile app to conveniently manage your personalized agenda and find your way around the conference venues. You may also use the desktop version of Hopin if you prefer. Please note that mobile app users will not have access to virtual networking or closed captions.

Learn more about navigating the mobile app.

13. I forgot my Hopin password. How do I reset it?2023-05-25T13:49:00-04:00

If you forgot your Hopin password, follow these instructions to reset it.

14. Why does registration include an information release?2023-05-25T13:48:27-04:00

The registration form collects information from attendees including their name, title, email and organization. Attendees must acknowledge understanding because the conference organizers will use this information to send conference-related emails and to track registrations. Additionally, attendee names and job titles will be displayed on the Hopin platform during the conference so they can network with others, and CANHEIT and its representatives may take photos, videos and screenshots, which may or may not include attendee names in reference to CANHEIT 2023.

15. Are there discounts or complimentary tickets available for breakout session presenters?2023-05-25T13:50:10-04:00

In line with previous CANHEIT conferences, there are no discounts/promo codes or complimentary tickets available for presenters. The CANHEIT planning committee has made its best efforts to keep ticket pricing to the lowest possible cost for all attendees.

16. Can multiple tickets be purchased at once?2023-05-25T13:49:51-04:00

There is no option to purchase multiple tickets at once. Conference tickets must be purchased individually as each ticket is linked directly to the attendee’s email address, which gives them access to the Hopin platform and the hybrid components of the conference. This also ensures that attendees can identify any dietary restrictions or accommodation requirements during the registration process.

17. What is the deadline to register?2023-06-18T16:35:31-04:00

Please register for a virtual-only ticket by June 18 at 5 p.m. EDT. In-person tickets are sold out.

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