Proposal submissions now closed

Thank you to all those who submitted a proposal to present at CANHEIT 2023! Drawing on the vast community of higher education IT leaders, experts and peers, CANHEIT 2023 featured thought provoking presentations on content topics such as:

  • Innovating together
  • Collaboration
  • People and leadership
  • Security as a team sport


1. Do presenters need to register for the conference as an attendee?2023-06-05T13:48:37-04:00

Yes, all selected presenters must register and pay as an in-person CANHEIT 2023 registrant.

2. Are there discounts or complimentary tickets available for breakout session presenters?2023-05-10T16:32:47-04:00

In line with previous CANHEIT conferences, there are no discounts/promo codes or complimentary tickets available for presenters. The CANHEIT planning committee has made its best efforts to keep ticket pricing to the lowest possible cost for all attendees.

3. Are all sessions taking place in person, with in-person presenters?2023-05-10T16:34:25-04:00

Yes, all presentations will take place in person, with all presenters expected to be onsite at the Bahen Centre for Information Technology. The CANHEIT planning committee took this approach due to the desire and demand for in-person events. Additionally, space and logistical constraints limit us from accommodating virtual presenters this year.

While all presenters must present onsite, selected sessions will be streamed for virtual attendees.

If you have concerns or need to make adjustments to your presentation, please contact Adrian Lim.

4. Can I present virtually?2023-05-10T16:35:09-04:00

No, all presenters must deliver their presentation in person. Please refer to the previous FAQ for more details.

5. What are the virtual components of this conference?2023-05-10T16:36:10-04:00

Those attending CANHEIT virtually will have access to opening and closing remarks, three keynote addresses, approximately 11 featured breakout sessions and networking opportunities on the Hopin platform.

6. When are presentations due?2023-06-02T12:07:48-04:00

If you are presenting a hybrid session, please submit your finalized presentation by June 5. Presentations should be submitted through the ExOrdo platform and sent to

7. Where can I find more information and resources for presenters?2023-06-05T13:50:03-04:00

Refer to the presenter handbook and the resources section below for more information.


Branded PowerPoint slides, virtual backgrounds and an email signature are available for presenters to download.

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